Welcome New Consigners!

At J & H Consignment, our low prices attract customers, but our tasteful, trendy products keep you coming back to discover what newly consigned surprises we have to offer.

Your Consigner Number is the first letter of your first name, as well as the first letter of your last name and following is four digits of your choice. (EX: JH1234)

A link to our Contract is available on this page, we recommend you read over the contract before consigning with us. 

Once items are accepted and sold the profits will go into your account.

You may check the CONSIGNER BALANCE Page for your balance or contact us (via phone, facebook or in store)

You may pick up your profits on MONDAYS or use STORE CREDIT everyday!

Please contact us with questions or concerns. 


How to Consign

J&H Consignment accepts ONLY new or gently used clothing, shoes, purses, bags, wallets.

We recommend bringing in your items in a bag with no hangers.

We do not go through clothes in front of the consigner.

You may choose to donate the items we don't accept or come back and pick them up.


Bring in your new or gently used clothing items, purses, bags, shoes or wallets.

In store we will have you fill out a Contract and go over it with you.

When we go through your items

J & H Consignment has the right to not accept items for any reason.

We put out your items on the sales floor in approximately 2-7 days.

J&H chooses the price of the items that we accept.

If you choose to donate what we do not take we will donate to the local RAP House.

If you choose to Pick-Up your items that we did not accept, we will contact you through your preferred way of contact.


Pick-Up your Items

Once we contact you to pick-up your items, you will have 7 days to pick up your items.

Items that are not picked up after 10 days will become property of J&H Consignment.

Please stay in touch with us about picking up you're items! 

Profit for Consigners

You may see your Balance on the J&H website (Under Consigner Balance). 
Or contact us for a full inventory.
You may pick-up your profit on Mondays.
You may also use Store Credit anyday of the week.
Consigners receive 40% of the selling price.